What our people say !

  • It’s been an incredible journey since i started working here in 2011. I am really proud and amazed to see how far we have come. I am eternally grateful and happy to be a part of this company.

    - Mandeep Tatla ( Kiran)
  • A challenging job which requires utmost concentration, devotion and I cherish this.

    - Ramachandran Ramesh
  • It is a fantastic company with ample of opportunities for fresher like me. Environment favors initiative and individual growth.

    - Vilas Limbu
  • I haven’t been here a year yet, but so far I am loving the company. The company’s culture is great and provide employees with supportive environment. Everyone seems to enjoy it here and has the right balance between fun and productivity.
    Working for GECL feels like being a part of a family.

    - Shuchi Dabral
  • I have been working here from past 2 years and I am grateful and proud to be a part of such a Wonderful company with nice coworkers and humble employers. I can’t wait to see where the future leads.

    - Harpreet Sanghu (Poonam)
  • GECL is an inviting, inspiring and comfortable place to work. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’. GECL is a nice place to work with colleagues and supervisors always ready to provide their support.

    - Harwinder Singh
  • Global Exchange Centre Limited is synonymous with quality and service. People around the world recognize GECL and its services and understand the positive impact they have on economic development.

    "I am very proud to be part of such a respected and successful company as GECL”

    The company's rich heritage and core values are engrained throughout the organization and are evident in every employee that represents it. GECL truly cares about their employees unlike any other. I have a sincere sense of pride when I tell others, 'I work for GECL’.

    I truly believe that the sky is the limit within GECL and if we can dream it, we can achieve it.

    - Aarti Tripathi
  • Being a part of GECL makes me feel proud, I have learnt many things, knowledge and gained experienced from this company, with very warm and friendly environment.

    The atmosphere in GECL is very cooperative and supportive.

    I am grateful for the opportunity and looking forward for many more years.

    - Reetu Tripathi
  • I am at “Cloud-nine” as I’m at “GECL”, the most inspiring place anyone could wish to work. GECL emphasizes on teamwork, makes all employees feel valued and included as our Management truly believes that “Nothing beats the Human Factor”.

    This is especially true, being in GECL that’s filled with inspiring management team & colleagues who are some of the most brilliant, interesting and original you could ever wish to meet & work with. I also feel fantastically great to be a part of the organization with a mission to strive consistently and bring new ideas & solutions that add value and take our client’s to the next level of payment solutions.

    - Mubarak Lee
  • It feels great to be part of such enthusiasm team. Management team works close with every employee to bring the best out of them.

    - Mohit Tripathi
  • “I feel that working environment and job satisfaction is one most important thing we should consider for any job we chose, GECL provides best platform for employees to prosper at all level, it provides great environment, opportunities and freedom to its employees which brings the best out them. Good creative ideas are valued here regardless of your position in the company. GECL is full of activity where you enjoy the challenges and I am proud to be part of it.”

    - Bakar Hasnain
  • I’m still very young at GECL but from my experience I can say it was my best decision to join GECL as company provides best platform for me to learn and shape-up my career.

    - Rehman Yousaf
  • A place which gives you freedom to dream and environment to work on your dreams. Where ideas are welcomed and ambitious thinking is encouraged. Innovative and well Structured to face challenging times of Modern day world while staying true to core social values.

    - Waheed Mahmood
  • I feel very proud of being a part of GECL & GCL Team. GECL & GCL has a very friendly working environment and it is one of the best / amazing place to work in ( working environment is very good, people works in teams and always helping each other resolving the challenges in teams). There is always helping hand given whenever I gets stuck anywhere. The management is very good, always ready to help their employees whenever we need assistance by giving a helping hand and by building more confidents/trust in ourselves for having a brighter future. I really feel very proud for being a part of GECL & GCL Team.

    - Harminder Singh

Management Team

Anand Prakash Tripathi

Chief Executive

Rahul Tripathi

Chief Operating Officer

Reetu Tripathi

Vice President - Remittance

Aarti Tripathi

Vice President - Administration

Mohit Tripathi

Vice President - WBN & Dealing

Ramachandran Ramesh

Senior Manager

Abul Hassan Mubarak

Senior Manager - Int'l Business Development

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"Global Software Innovations India Pvt. Ltd."



Software, Web, Mobile Development & Design, Content Management & E-Commerce Solutions


Spaze ITech Park
1123 Tower B4, Sector 49,
Sohna Road, Gurgaon
Haryana – 122001, India
Telephone - 0124-4027-243
Fax - 0124-4027-321
Email - info@gswi.co.in

"Global Compliance Limited"



Providing AML & CFT Services
to Financial Institutions


Tack Building
Floor 10, Unit - A
48 Gilman Street
Central, Hong Kong
Telephone - +852-2850-8081
Email – info@globalcompliance.com.hk

Chairman’s Message

The foreign exchange is ever evolving and expanding, providing financial institutions and individual traders immense advantages to benefit from the volatility in the currency and commodity markets. Amidst the competitive and overcrowded environment prevalent today in FX market we at GECL provide our clients well tailored money management services through highly automated processes and transactions.

Our client centric strategy and incorporation of invaluable client feedback into our continuously improving prototype set us apart, making us more operationally competent and better by the day. In my capacity of the Chairman, I personally look into customer escalations and complaints to direct my team accordingly.

Corporate Governance

We, at GECL, align our Corporate Governance strategy with annual goals to engage our stakeholders, employees, clients and the community as a whole in all our processes to produce deliverables and achieve concrete results. We have laid down and firmly follow the five golden rules of corporate governance practices that embody business ethics, establishment and alignment of business goals through a suitable shareholder decision making model, strategic management that emphasizes on shareholder value, suitably structured organization model to reflect good governance and reporting framework to ensure transparency, ownership and accountability at each stage of a business process.

Each organization is recognized by the due diligence with which it carries out its end-to-end processes- business or technical. Every individual process or work item is executed with an ethical approach to compliance and rules, with stated balanced objectives that cater to the interests of all parties involved. Subsequently, all key individual players in the management hierarchy play their own role. Starting from the apex, the directors control and direct the subordinates and the staff to meet their specific goals and objectives. We believe that there’s no room for error when each player at his own level executes the assigned tasks expectedly and takes ownership and accountability in order to reflect transparency in the organization. The concerns of the shareholders are of utmost importance and are weighted according to business needs.

We have a clear mantra when it comes to achieving success. We set a target and create a feasible path to achieve it. A democratic business approach is followed wherein every party participates in the think tank to agree upon a specific goal. A specific and well-defined strategy, encompassing the likely behavior of various groups, is formulated to attain the goal and subsequently, a team is organized to work on the deliverables- one at a time- to gain small successes, report progress and estimate timelines accordingly. This implementation program has a superior objective of guarding the interests of the shareholders and hence, timely feedback is taken to ensure no deviations from the original requirement and agreed-upon plans. This enhanced collaboration with the shareholders acts like a checkpoint at each stage of the process.

Our corporate governance strategy has been a success so far. We execute our organizational processes efficiently to meet client needs and cater to the interests of all individuals that help in achieving our company goals.


  • “GECL has been able to cater best remittance service while always remaining flexible, cost effective, and most importantly lightning fast. They are a trusted partner for us. Keep up the good work!”

    – Flying Ferry General Trading Limited, Hong Kong.
  • “A great customer experience!”

    – Shine Power International Limited, Hong Kong
  • “I would also like to say thank you to all your staff. It's all good.”

    - Famous Sky Limited, Hong Kong
  • “We have worked with GECL for the past 3 years. As we have grown and evolved, GECL has managed all our payment needs. What I value most about our relationship is that GECL knows us and our business. Their work is exceptional and exceeds our expectations every time.”

    – Richmen International Limited, Hong Kong
  • “The service is excellent and the personnel I work with are great. No request is out of the question and usually can be accommodated within the current budget and in a reasonable timeframe. Very responsive team and easy company to work with. I enjoy our association :)”

    - Mitra Ent. Limited, Hong Kong