Is it possible to send money to any country through GECL?

Yes, GECL offers world-wide remittance services (Business to Business Payments), barring a few countries which may have legal or political limitations.

What are the different ways of sending money through GECL?

GECL offers multiple modes of transfer that suits customer need and convenience. Following are some details on the various modes of transfers available:

  • Rupee Demand Draft: Instrument can be delivered to sender or to beneficiary bank address or to beneficiary home address.
  • Bank-to-Bank Transfer: Money can be directly credited to your/your beneficiary's account.
  • Instant Cash Payouts: Options such as GECL-Money transfer and other similar products are available where money can be delivered in cash swiftly to your beneficiary in most parts of the world. For more details, contact us.

How quickly does the money send through GECL will reach the beneficiary account ?

Time taken for your money to reach beneficiary account depends upon the mode of remittance you have chosen and the beneficiary location.

For Demand Draft – 3 to 5 working days, subject to the demand draft couriered by us reaching the beneficiary bank and the payee bank within normal time.

Account-to-Account Transfer – Telegraphic Transfers within 30 minutes, Money Transfer to any bank account within 48 hours in India and countries where your beneficiary bank is a member of the well-established automated payment system.

My family / friend got a medical emergency in a foreign country, Can I send money to the hospital directly for covering the medical fees?

Yes. We at GECL very much respect customer needs, we categorize such payments as priority and transfer money swiftly.As a corporate Customer, all you need to do is to provide necessary documents, once verified and approved by compliance, your care and love shall reach the hospital in foreign country will reach swiftly.

Can I Exchange Foreign Currency in GECL?

Yes, GECL being a pioneer in this industry buys/sells both in wholesale and retails all majorly traded currencies and exotic currencies as well at a very competitive rates. For Forex Rates Enquires please contact us.

How do I lodge a complaint?

It is our endeavor to serve our customers to the best of our ability. Despite that, if you have any complaint, please email us at info@gecl.com.hk