GECL Cares

Corporate Social Responsibility

We, at GECL, not only strive to maintain and expand our client portfolio across the globe, but also develop and execute an effective corporate social responsibility strategy to give back to our community in the key development areas of education, healthcare and environment conservation.

Education, we believe, is the key to change the social landscape and bridge the chasm between the affluent and the underprivileged. Having our community goals centered on the fact that knowledge and education are the key pillars to a nation’s development, we, as an organization have come up with several initiatives to mentor the underprivileged youth to identify and develop their key skills to embark on a career path and support their families economically. We encourage our employees and their families to extract time out of their busy schedules and support those kids that do not have the means to study in a regular school classroom. In an ever evolving complex ecosystem of a country, no child should be ridden off of the right to study owing to monetary reasons, because they are the future’s manpower and shall potentially contribute to Hong Kong’s economy.

In leading our run of the mills lifestyles, we often forget how significantly the environment has contributed to our growth. At GECL, a yearly initiative has been proposed to make our employees aware of their role in preservation, conservation and sustainability of the environment through tree plantation and green activities such as field trips and cleanliness drives. As a part of this initiative, one day in the month will be dedicated to using public transport to work instead of commuting through personal vehicles so that we do our bit in curbing pollution. Additionally, intra-office communication will be done through electronic means so that there is minimal usage and wastage of paper.

Furthermore, we have collaborated with Save the Children, Hong Kong to reach out to, foster and protect the disabled tiny souls nationwide. We champion the cause of these children who since birth have been affected by deadly diseases and need utmost care and monetary assistance to develop in an environment different than that of a normal child.

Going forward, a community development and impact initiative is in the pipeline wherein the employees will be urged to volunteer in CSR projects driven by GECL to make a difference to the country and make the world a better place to live in.